The Boiler Room Is NOW OPEN

The Boiler Room, located at 2210 N. California, finally opened its doors last night, and the line stretched out the door and down the street (as seen in the photo)! The Boiler Room is Logan Square's new pizza and cocktails joint and brought to us by the owners of Simone's bar in Pilsen.

The restaurant is complete with travel paraphernalia, with the women's and men's bathrooms designed after an L car. The bar is an old boiler and is located in the back left corner of the restaurant, while the pizza oven is right up front. The right side is filled with tables and booths, all of which are recycled from Salvage One, a recycling company located in West Town. The space is very "green" with solar panels array on the roof. There is even an awesome patio in the back.

Tonight, the Boiler Room is offering patrons a stellar deal of $8 for a tasty slice of pizza, shot of Jameson, and a PBR beer. What more could you ask for on a Thursday night?

Check out the full menu on Grub Street Chicago's Web site here.

[Photo: Tammy Green]


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