Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hairitics Fashion Fundraiser to benefit IALS!

If you're anything like me, than the thought of having fun on a saturday night in Logan Square sounds a bit like listening to your favorite records...alone...in your room...with no lights on.

©W. Tanner Young, 2012
Oh wait, that was a horrible way to start a post off. HEY! DO YOU WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! good. Luckily for you, IALS and our friends at Hairitics don't let their lonely dungeon blog-slaves do their event planning. This Saturday, March 3rd, Hairitics Hair Salon is bringing some of your favorite Logan Square haunts together to throw a fashion show fundraiser to benefit I Am Logan Square. Naturally, when they approached us about the idea, we declined. Oh wait..no. no no, that was when they asked me if i wanted to leave my cave and go out for a night.


©W. Tanner Young, 2012
So here's the scoop:
Hairitics 3-way called our friends at Brink Dwellers and Cole's, rotary phone and all, and mapped out the night. Starting at 7pm, you can come by Hairitics for the opening featuring new artwork by Justus Roe, and watch the lovely ladies of the salon get the models all DID UP for the fashion show. Brink Dwellers Retro/Vintage Boutique will be providing the aforementioned fashion-ware of the evening, classin' up your evening with a little blast from the past.

Keeping the classy going, the models (and party) will move next door to Cole's around 9pm for the start of the fashion show. Cole's will have all your usuals and favorites, bless his soul, and snacking refreshments will be provided by your favorite pickled co-op...The Dill Pickle! der.

Also happening for the event, in little-to-no order, tunes and beats from DJ Ross Vegas, DJ White Lightning(aka Justus Roe), DJ Meaty Ogre, and a 7 to smoke breakdance battle. oh wait...a breakdance battle? HOLY CRAP A FRAKIN BREAKDANCE BATTLE. featuring b-boy crews Brickheadz and Style Rebels, DJ Shon Roka will be providing the beats with a special guest. By the way, are they still called b-boy crews? My street cred has hit rock bottom.

Now for the important part. Actually, just forget everything before this and focus on this part: there will be raffle tickets for $5, all benefiting directly to your neighborhood pals here at IALS. Now, focus, reaaal reeaal close: Yooooouuuu waaaant to buuuuy a raffle ticket! Yoooou waaaannt to buy a raffle ticket! Ok, if my valiant attempt at hypnotizing you into buying a ticket didnt work, then try this on:

prizes include:

Gift Certificates to Brink Dwellers
A tattoo from The Other Side Tattoo
Haircuts and color from Hairitics Salon
$50 gift card from Dill Pickle Co-Op
Gift Certificates to Tula Yoga Studio
Handmade Infinity Scarf from tumblejewelry
and more to come...

and now that I'm sure you're tired of hearing my voice, I'll let the ladies at Hairitics sign off on this post. "Please join us to celebrate our community, support local business and art, and last but not least, watch a bunch of your cute neighbors strut around in cool vintage fashion with their hair done up nice... and in this instance, you are supposed to be checking them out!
We hope to see you there. "

And we're looking forward to seeing you ladies, too. Please don't mind the hideous cave monster in the corner, with the camera, I think they're making me come to this one.
Hi Ho.

2340 N. Milwaukee Ave

Brink Dwellers
2344 N. Milwaukee Ave

2338 N. Milwaukee Ave

©W. Tanner Young, 2012

until next time!
-W. Tanner Young, blog slave extraordinaire

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chicago Nocturne Opening Reception and Theatre Industry Night!

Well it's time again to announce a new exhibition opening at I Am Logan Square's gallery! Opening on Thursday, March 8th from 6 to 8:30 pm, at our gallery located at 2644 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago Nocturne is an exhibition that draws inspiration from how light has been depicted through visual art, sound, poetry and performance. The selected artists and works are rooted in the "romantic tradition and reconfigured into a contemporary language".

Michael Langhoff, the exhibition's curator says, “Chicago Nocturne is based on the metaphorical and spiritual principles of Light in contemporary art. Many of the artists participating address the emotional and spiritual struggles they face and how they overcome (or see through) the darkness."  Light being the central focus of the exhibition, Chicago Nocturne displays the various contemporary uses of a subject that has kept its symbolic relevance over the ages.

Chicago Nocturne’s opening reception will include live music by Alert, a cross-genre hip-hop artist group on humble beast records and singer-songwriter Catalina Bellizi.There will also be  poetry by Anthony Rosati, and a collaborative writing project by SAIC graduates and the exhibition's curators, Michael and Viviana Langhoff.  Food and Drink will be provided by IALS’s official gallery sponsors, Revolution Brewing and Paper Moon Pastry.

Chicago Nocturne, which also includes works by Seungbin Choi, Joe Corey, Nikki Fisher, Emily Arazu Nejad, Michael-Philip Scales and Lauren LaRose, will be on display through the end of March. And as usual, the gallery will be open to the public Tuesday-Saturday, from noon-6PM and by appointment.

In addition, we would also like to announce our February Industry Night focused on theatre! If you haven't checked out our previous industry nights--they are casual networking events held at Cafe D'Noche on Milwaukee ave in Logan Square.  This month we are bringing in a great lineup of theatre professionals, including:

Brian Shaw, professor at Columbia College Chicago
Christopher Ellis, Associate Artistic Director at Voice of the City
Henry Godinez, Resident Artistic Director at Goodman Theatre and Associate Professor at Northwestern University
Adam Belcuore, Casting/Assistant Producer Associate Producer at Goodman Theatre.  
Industry night will be held Tuesday, February 28, 6-8PM at Cafe D'Noche, 2710 N Milwaukee Avenue. A $15 admission includes passed appetizers and an open sangria, beer and wine bar. Space is limited, so an RSVP is required. Email Justine@iamlogansquare.com to reserve your spot!

As always, keep in mind that IALS hosts monthly gallery exhibitions of works by local artists and accepts exhibition proposals on a rolling basis. Participating artists and/or curators must either live or work in Logan Square to exhibit their work and priority will be given to group or collaborative shows.
See you soon!

--Brooke Herbert Hayes

Monday, February 20, 2012

This one goes out to our artists--workshops, conferences and a bunch of opportunities!

Happy Monday! Some of you may be off for a three day weekend, but some of us are back to work--and in the spirit of working hard and making things happen, today we bring you a fun little post dedicated to workshops, conferences,  artists' opportunities and a couple of exciting events on the horizon.  

First up (since it is this upcoming weekend), is the 12th Annual SEA (Self-Employment in the Arts) Conference held at the Hilton Hotel in Lisle, ILThe conference is dedicated to all artists who are trying to remain self-employed (and we know how hard it is!), whether they be in visual, media, performance or literary fields.  Activities at the conference include panel and round table discussions, one-on-one sessions, a juried college art competition, a business plan pitch competition, mock auditions, and much more.  And our friends over at Chicago Artists' Coalition are hosting a panel, "Building Community through Creativity: Teaching Artists within Non-Profits & Neighborhoods". The conference is this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24-25 and the full rate of $89 for students and $189 for non-students includes all programs, workshops and panels at the conference, along with 3 meals.  Some of the other workshops include How to Network, How to Finance your Business, Utilizing Social Media, etc. So if you have the weekend available, sign up for the conference and get motivated! Check out the schedule and website for more info.
So, if you can't make it to the SEA conference, don't worry! Save the date for the 2012 Chicago Creative Expo (it's free!) held at the Chicago Cultural Center. The expo is held March 23-24 from 10AM-4PM each day, and from our experience last year--is a great resource to meet, connect and learn about all the diverse opportunities for artists in Chicago!  This is the first year that the expo has been expanded to two days-- the first day is dedicated to developing your own creative business or organization and the second day is geared towards the needs of individual artists. Go here for more info!

We also want to mention a fun new opportunity for artists right here in the neighborhood--via Nothin' Less Coffee House.  Not only does the owner of Nothin' Less, Elena Martiniuc, host regular open mic nights and display rotating art on the walls, she has also recently started publishing a neighborhood newspaper in which local writers, photographers and artists are able to contribute to small pieces in the "retro-styled" newspaper. If you wish to be featured, have an idea for a piece, or want to show your art at the coffee shop, email Elena!

And while you're at it, make sure to pop over to the I Am Logan Square website for regular updates on our artist opportunities page and please email us if you hear of any great opportunities that we missed (we can't be perfect, after all)! You can also sign up at the bottom of our home page to receive our monthly e-newsletter which always has a section dedicated to new artists' opportunities. Local businesses such as Cafe D'Noche, Mops Beauty Shop and Dunlay's are always looking for new work to display, so don't be shy, contact one of them and set up a meeting to show your stuff!

And to performers: there is an upcoming performance/truck show that we are so excited about! Presented by curatorial-production duo, Kayce Bayer and Chris Lin and their awesome team, "The Great Fire: A Traveling Truck Show" is currently calling any and all local performers to join their one-of-a-kind traveling truck show. Check out the website for more information about this awesome project!

 "Calling Home", one of the many pop-up galleries at
the 2011 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival
photo © Brooke Herbert Hayes

Finally, it's not too early to start talking about the 2012 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival! Keep in mind that we will begin accepting curatorial proposals in the coming weeks--so if you are interested in curating a show, or just showing your work, continue to check the MAAF website frequently for updates. You can also sign up there for email updates and to be notified when applications are available.

And... go!

--Brooke Herbert Hayes

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Logan Square: I'm Lovin' It. V DAY STYLE!

Ok, just to clear up the air, right away, there ARE other places in Logan Square to take your Valentines date other than McDonalds. Unless you you have a cruel sense of humor. But if your sense of humor is that similar to mine, then your Valentines will probably shaping up to look a lot like my xmas...
Best. Christmas. Ever. ©W. Tanner Young 2011

But, if you want to get all sappy and mushy, or if you want to APPEAR sappy and mushy for your significant other-and throwing down a little more than a card and 1 rose (we all know you wont get the full dozen, or a bakers dozen..) somehow tickles you-Logan Square has lots to offer! But let's not lie, you're probably actually feeling a bit lonely, and you want to do some v-day specials on your own, to show The Man that love isn't measured in monetary value (not that anyone's made a price offer, anyway). That's right, destroy the system from the inside, REBEL!

So if your rebel heart is burning with not one!, not two!, not threefourBUT FIVE days of love, D'noche wants YOU! From February 10-14th, you can show yourself how you really feel, with a little latin romance! $60 gets you a 3 course meal, a skewer of chocolate covered strawberries, and a little bubbly to lubricate your bleeding heart, baby.

Or are you a true romantic? Rebellious and drunken to the very core? (bare back horse) RIDE ON! Our gallery series sponsors REVOLUTION Brewing is pairing 4 of their brews with some house made desserts. To show you how serious we are about this rebellion, I'm not even going to WRITE this section of the blog. A little cut (my-heart-out-baby) and paste action should show my resolve.

Chocolate Malt Truffle
Chocolate malt ganache coated in cocoa and dark malt powder
Paired with Hugene Imperial Porter 10.6% ABV

Conversation Heart That Doesn't Taste Like Chalk
Pistachio dacquoise, apricot-passion fruit gelee, mango mousse, white chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis
Paired with 2nd Year Anniversary Beer 7.0% ABV

Strawberry-Covered Chocolate
Dark chocolate ice cream, barleywine-sauteed strawberries, candied hazelnut
Paired with Institutionalized BarleyWine 11.0% ABV

Frozen Mimosa
Champagne sorbet, orange mousse, blood orange coulis
Paired with Bottom Up Wit 4.5% ABV

Oh Rev Brew, will you be MY valentine? Let's quit this scene and hop a train. We'll take down Hallmark with nothin' but the shirts on our back, a growler of brew and a few well placed cocktails. MOLTOV COCKTAILS OF LOVE.

And now that we're goin' down this path, let's skip the loving-tender food (if you really wanted to be romantic, you'd cook the dinner yourself, anyway) and the amorous chocolates and just feed your love for the drink (come on, we're artists, after all). And games. LOVE GAMES!

On VD-Eve, the Boiler Room will be hosting their usual PBR Bingo, VALENTINES EDITION! Let your inner-iconoclast DESTROY the board and win some nice prizes. To sweeten the deal, photos by your least-favorite IALS blog slave/photo dude, W. Tanner Young, are on view in lonely and disenchanted fashion. Ok, that was just a shameless plug, if you didn't guess. THE ACTUAL sweet deal is The Windy City Rollers/Manic Attackers will be out in full force to beat the snot out of your already-bruised heart. But don't let your girl see you looking, or the derby gals won't be the ones throwing punches. But hey, wouldn't it be cool if they recruited her right there for it? You'd come to, bloodied up, and pick your teeth off the ground, like they'd been there before. Oh that was a bad attempt at an Alkaline Trio song. Maybe you can get festive and request ALK 3 for the occasion…but don't count on it.

I'm not sure if I can recover from that one. We'll have to let our favorite Logan Square Pastry Chef SWEET talk me outta this one. GET IT! Oh god, no…no no. just…no, don't. Paper Moon, save me! Paper Moon Pastries will be one of the vendors at The Logan Square Kitchen's 3rd V-Day Pastry Market, Feb 11th and 12th. But our little baker is one TOUGH COOKIE (seriously, just stop…), and she does what she wants. You can only catch Ana's treats on the 12th, as she'll be out with the rest of the aforementioned Bleeding Heart *Bakers* (this whole blog was leading up to that one), takin' on the establishment. Actually, I have no idea what she'll be doing, but I imagine it has something to do with breakin' hearts and chewin' bubble gum.

I think that's a good list. Eat your heart out, cracked.com. And remember, if your insurgent heart is just in the mood for a quiet riot, our new neighbors, Uncharted Books, has a full (uuhhh…)*Love*/LGBT section! So this Valentine's, all you really need to get real romantic is a book, a broken heart and wine in a box. OH! I thought of another Boiler Room request.

eat your heart out.
-W. Tanner Young

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uncharted Books joins the Logan Square community

Uncharted Books owner, Tanner McSwain. © W. Tanner Young 2012
In 2011 we witnessed the demise of big-box behemoth, Borders. The economy remained cautious, and unemployment numbers didn't fall nearly as fast as everyone had hoped they would. Yet in this unstable world, one Chicago resident saw opportunity. After plenty of research, many hours spent doing physical labor, and some help from the book-loving community via Kickstarter, Tanner McSwain opened Uncharted Books to the public at January 14th.

Uncharted Books logo.

Logan Square's very own used book store happily occupies the 1,300 square foot storefront at 2630 N Milwaukee Ave, just steps from the Logan Square blue line stop. Pulled straight from the Kickstarter page, where a total of $12,532 was raised to help offset opening costs, McSwain explains his concept for the store:

"We're an independent used bookstore specializing in literature, vintage classics, queer and gender studies, and local interests. We host open salons for writers, storytellers, artists, and students. We encourage browsing, loitering, chit-chatting, socializing, drinking, eating, writing, working, hanging out, and staying in. We want to be your bookstore – Logan Square’s, the north side’s, and Chicago’s."

Between labor hours from contractor friends, volunteers assisting in alphabetizing and shelving books, the final clean up event, and a preview event for Kickstarter supporters, Uncharted Books was a physical community hub before even opening their doors to the public. Additionally, McSwain is constantly fostering an digital community through social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr; No comment, tweet, ask or email goes unanswered.

Interested in being part of the community? Stop by Uncharted Books! Hours of operations are as follows:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Friday: 12pm – 8pm
  • Saturday-Sunday : 11am – 9pm

--Justine Rowland