Hairitics Fashion Fundraiser to benefit IALS!

If you're anything like me, than the thought of having fun on a saturday night in Logan Square sounds a bit like listening to your favorite your room...with no lights on.

©W. Tanner Young, 2012
Oh wait, that was a horrible way to start a post off. HEY! DO YOU WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! good. Luckily for you, IALS and our friends at Hairitics don't let their lonely dungeon blog-slaves do their event planning. This Saturday, March 3rd, Hairitics Hair Salon is bringing some of your favorite Logan Square haunts together to throw a fashion show fundraiser to benefit I Am Logan Square. Naturally, when they approached us about the idea, we declined. Oh no no, that was when they asked me if i wanted to leave my cave and go out for a night.


©W. Tanner Young, 2012
So here's the scoop:
Hairitics 3-way called our friends at Brink Dwellers and Cole's, rotary phone and all, and mapped out the night. Starting at 7pm, you can come by Hairitics for the opening featuring new artwork by Justus Roe, and watch the lovely ladies of the salon get the models all DID UP for the fashion show. Brink Dwellers Retro/Vintage Boutique will be providing the aforementioned fashion-ware of the evening, classin' up your evening with a little blast from the past.

Keeping the classy going, the models (and party) will move next door to Cole's around 9pm for the start of the fashion show. Cole's will have all your usuals and favorites, bless his soul, and snacking refreshments will be provided by your favorite pickled co-op...The Dill Pickle! der.

Also happening for the event, in little-to-no order, tunes and beats from DJ Ross Vegas, DJ White Lightning(aka Justus Roe), DJ Meaty Ogre, and a 7 to smoke breakdance battle. oh wait...a breakdance battle? HOLY CRAP A FRAKIN BREAKDANCE BATTLE. featuring b-boy crews Brickheadz and Style Rebels, DJ Shon Roka will be providing the beats with a special guest. By the way, are they still called b-boy crews? My street cred has hit rock bottom.

Now for the important part. Actually, just forget everything before this and focus on this part: there will be raffle tickets for $5, all benefiting directly to your neighborhood pals here at IALS. Now, focus, reaaal reeaal close: Yooooouuuu waaaant to buuuuy a raffle ticket! Yoooou waaaannt to buy a raffle ticket! Ok, if my valiant attempt at hypnotizing you into buying a ticket didnt work, then try this on:

prizes include:

Gift Certificates to Brink Dwellers
A tattoo from The Other Side Tattoo
Haircuts and color from Hairitics Salon
$50 gift card from Dill Pickle Co-Op
Gift Certificates to Tula Yoga Studio
Handmade Infinity Scarf from tumblejewelry
and more to come...

and now that I'm sure you're tired of hearing my voice, I'll let the ladies at Hairitics sign off on this post. "Please join us to celebrate our community, support local business and art, and last but not least, watch a bunch of your cute neighbors strut around in cool vintage fashion with their hair done up nice... and in this instance, you are supposed to be checking them out!
We hope to see you there. "

And we're looking forward to seeing you ladies, too. Please don't mind the hideous cave monster in the corner, with the camera, I think they're making me come to this one.
Hi Ho.

2340 N. Milwaukee Ave

Brink Dwellers
2344 N. Milwaukee Ave

2338 N. Milwaukee Ave

©W. Tanner Young, 2012

until next time!
-W. Tanner Young, blog slave extraordinaire


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