Collaborative painting and weekend art openings!

We hope you had a chance to check out the Colorboration Project last week! For 10 days the empty storefront at 2515 N. Milwaukee was a lively space - full of painting and music - that culminated in a truly spectacular collection of pieces produced by artists Tali Farchi of the Netherlands and Royce Deans of Michigan. 

Tali Farchi and Royce Deans, Photo by Brooke Herbert
We had the pleasure of checking out the project on Wednesday night, while Jim Cooper was playing the vibraphone. The large, vacant space was transformed into a giant studio where Farchi and Deans collaborated with local musicians by painting live in front of a rotating audience each night. By Wednesday evening, the venue had been nearly covered from floor to ceiling with abstract and figurative paintings, each one influenced by the Logan Square neighborhood, the audience and the music being played. Deans and Farchi get together regularly on works that engage communities in multi-cultural and collaborative ways.  Check out Farchi and Deans' website Paint in Action to learn about their upcoming collaborations. 

Jordan Martin
If you did not get a chance to check out Colorboration, fret not! There are plenty of captivating art openings and events popping up in the Square everyday.  On Sat., April 2 from 7-10 PMThe Comfort Station at 2579 N. Milwaukee will be hosting an artist's reception for Jordan Martin's solo exhibition, "Jaguar Headband Twins". The new collage works by Martin will be accompanied by music performances throughout April.  The show runs through April 30, check the site for a list of the performances and times.

This weekend also marks the opening for "Repsychled Records, Vol. 1" by Matthew Ginsberg at Saki. The exhibition is a showcase of Ginsberg's paintings on discarded vinyl. Ginsberg's psychedelic band, Dark Fog, will be performing at the opening at 8 PM.  Stop by Sat., April 2, from 6-9 PM for the opening; the show will be up through April.  Saki is located at 3716 W. Fullerton Ave.

Matthew Ginsberg

-Brooke Herbert


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