Goethe School students receive a much welcomed donation of art!

Students at Goethe School welcome Dominic Pangborn
On Monday, April 11, students of Goethe Elementary here in Logan Square were treated to a visit by Korean-born artist Dominic Pangborn.  Pangborn's artist talk was in conjunction with a large donation of 20 works of art to the school by Park West Gallery together with Friends of Goethe School.  The students and faculty at Goethe are excited to fill the school's walls with art that will hopefully inspire creativity, gratitude and a new zeal for learning.  The donation and talk are just part of the artistic, educational and beautification projects that Friends of Goethe School (FOGS) are working hard on to make a success. 

Rhythm Method performing at Quenchers with James Murray,
a much loved and soon-to-be retired teacher from Goethe
Just two weeks ago, FOGS raised over $6,000 for the school at a fundraiser at nearby Quenchers.  The fundraiser featured local musicians and comedians, further showing the commitment to instill awareness in our neighborhood about the need to give time and attention to our city's schools.

Goethe School is currently working on family programming for the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, hoping to gets students, parents and the community involved in nurturing a passion for learning and creativity within the students.

         For more information on Friends of Goethe School, check out their website here.

-Brooke Herbert


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