Experience "Art through Gardening," a block party at Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm

Noisivelvet, an organization that promotes artists, especially those interested in public art, is throwing a block party, aptly called Art Through Gardening, at the Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm on Sunday, June 5th. Arts aficionados, urban farming enthusiasts and foodies alike are encouraged to attend as well as those interested in supporting local produce and initiatives that shape their community. Be sure to check out Aaron Strauss' biodegradable sculpture made from organic material such as mud and grass. The sculpture will blend in and gradually decompose into the garden. The Chicago Rarities Orchard Project will also be on-site offering people tastings of apple soda and if their project succeeds by this fall Logan Square will have its very own community orchard along Milwaukee and Logan Boulevard!  And because urban farming is big on self-sustainability, Sol Air, a company that works towards providing Chicago with renewable energy, will be powering the speakers used at the event with solar power.  If you still aren't convinced, maybe Urban Worm Girl will change your mind. She will be present and touting the merits of composting (anywhere from the local community garden to your very own kitchen) with the help of red worms.

Art Through Gardening will extend past the confines of the Corner Farm via 5000 sq feet of donated sod. If you want to remember the event after the fact, don't fret because art collective Ibid will be using Sony Video to document the block party, which will give people the opportunity to access the videos via QR code (when a phone scans information and sends it to a website). If you, like many of us, are yearning to get involved in the artist/urban farming community that is taking Logan Square and Chicago by storm, this is one block party you won't want to miss!

WHAT: Art Through Gardening
WHEN: Sunday, June 5th
VENUE: The Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm
3240 W Altgeld St and N Sawyer Ave, 60647

-Julia Pagnamenta


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