Go See "Three Days of Rain" While You Still Have A Chance!

Rebekah Ward-Hays & John Henry Roberts-- photo © Heath Hays
This week -Thursday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 25th- marks your last chance to catch playwright Richard Greenberg’s family saga Three Days of Rain at the Viaduct Theatre. Directed by Matthew Reeder, BackStage Theatre Company's production of Three Days of Rain is forceful and emotionally poignant in its telling of the story of two siblings: sensitive and troubled Walker (played by John Henry Roberts) and his sister, Nan (played by Rebekah Ward-Hays) who is trying to cope with her problematic brother after the death of their father, an architect by the name of Ned. After discovering that their father left a famous structure he designed, "The Janeway House" in his will to the son of a family friend, Pip (played by Tony Bozzuto), Walker gets angry. And while tension ensues and confessions come forth, many of Walker and Nan's questions, (inquiries shared by the viewers as well)  are pursued well into the second act.

Retrospection is a large part of the play. In the second act, the same three actors play the parts of the parents and provide spectators with some answers and closure, something that can’t necessarily be said for all the characters in the play. In turns emotionally charged and humorous, Three Days of Rain is a strong attempt to understand the ways in which absent and silent parents influence and shape the adult lives of their children. Or conversely, it is a play about children who even once they grow up, exhibit childlike traits in their attempts to uncover their parents' secrets, all while remaining stubbornly stuck in their convictions, which, more often than not, are rooted in emotional distortion rather than in truth.

What: Three Days of Rain at the Viaduct Theatre, presented by the BackStage Theatre Company
When: 7PM, Thursday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 25th
Where: 3111 N. Western Avenue (near the Belmont and Western intersection)
Cost: $25, $22 for seniors or $10 with valid student ID

--Julia Pagnamenta


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