MAAF Culinary Arts & Calls for Artists!

The Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival (July 29-31) is fast approaching and boy do we have some exciting sneak previews for you! In addition to the plethora of arts activities, music and visual art to be showcased at the festival, the culinary arts will be playing an exciting role as well. So far there are three gourmet mobile food trucks confirmed. Not hip to the mobile food truck movement? Chicago, too has the fancy meals on wheels that cities like Los Angeles and New York boast about. The trucks will be selling an array of mouthwatering goodies including tasty tacos and fresh salsas by Taquero Fusion (the first Latin American style food truck in the city), delectable naan-wiches by Gaztro-Wagon (voted best food truck by Time Out Chicago), and indulgent Wagyu/Kobe beef burgers by newcomer Wagyu Wagon (run by Aaron Crumbaugh, Le Cordon Bleu graduate and Amazing Race contestant).

The Boiler Room will also be showcasing their creative food endeavors at the festival with its new boozy soft-serve ice cream. IALS collaborator, Justine Rowland, was absolutely smitten when she tried it at Do Division last weekend, commenting that "Boiler Room's Jameson-infused soft serve ice cream is absolutely delicious. The sweetness of the ice cream is cut by the booziness of the Jameson, making for a mouthwatering snack to cool off (and get buzzed) with on a warm summer day."

Revolution Brewing craft beer and Lula Cafe's specialty Sangria will also be on-hand to quench your thirst and wash down all that yummy food!

So now that we've gotten you all excited about MAAF's awesome food selection, it's time for the call for artists! IALS is dedicated to enriching the arts throughout the neighborhood and some of our local business neighbors have gotten involved too! Boiler Room, with their aforementioned boozy ice cream, and Revolution Brewing, MAAF's co-presenting beer sponsor, are inviting artists to submit proposals to exhibit their work at both venues. To be considered for exhibiting, submit a proposal to Mandy Tandy (Boiler Room) at, or Morgan Marshall (Revolution Brewing) at

Want more info on the sweet food trucks to be at the 2011 MAAF? Follow the links below to find out where they'll be next! 
                                                                                             -Alex Palmer


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