Visual Arts at MAAF

So you may have heard of this little thing called the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. No? yes! no? well if not, we should all seriously ponder why you're reading this website. ok ok, so its not a little thing. Its actually huge. Hugely spectacular. Artists and galleries from all over Chicago are going to be showing work. It's a showcase to both the city's rich and diverse creative community, as well as a testament to Logan Square as a new Artistic hotspot in a city of artists. Did I mention we were voted #1 in the Reader's Best of 2011? no? yes!...WOO!

Anyway, man oh man, do we have a lineup for you! If you were at the Share the Square Preview benefit (organized by Brett Swinny and Tracy Kostenbader of anysquared), you have a bit of an idea of what's in store. If not, then you'll just have to wait till July 29th! The artwork this year features a wide range of media, content, concept and audience. The Logan Square Literary Review will actually be presenting a show OF the cultural shift of Logan Square into a creative hotspot (and future #1 Reader neighborhood) at the turn of the millenia. Journalistic in content, the final result will be a timeline illustrating the emergence of arts venues and organizations along Milwaukee Ave.

Speaking of local, how about a show merging the local visual arts community with the amazing musical arts community? Katie Holland said "YES!" to that idea (you may have seen her work a couple months ago at IALS gallery). Curating a show of photographs, Independent:Chicago Band Photography will present the vibrant DIY music scene...visually.

And whats that you say? you want souvenirs from the festival so you can always remember the amazing art, food and music we're showcasing? Lucky You! The Uptown Multi-cultural Center's The Art Patch Project Will be handing out free artwork, as it were. Promoting the rights of artists to sell work publicly, they print their artists' selected works on cotton-patch postcards and hand them out,  in an effort to "create a Chicago art Mecca where artists can survive by their art sales 24-7."

What else did you say? you love MAAF and Logan Square so much, you want to live here? Well you're in luck! Have you heard of the new Hairpin Artist  Residency Lofts? Sure you have! All that annoying construction and big machinery at the corner of Milwaukee/Diversey/Kimball above Payless (don't worry, Payless Shoes is open during construction…) Yes, well  thats Hairpin Artists' Lofts. Set to open during MAAF, they're kicking  it off with Come Together, a juried show of 2 and 3 dimensional work,  that will be in conjunction with performances, music and all sorts of artist lofty-type…stuff. Pluuuus, you'll get to check out the new  studios. Who wouldn't want to live in an artist commune in a building  with a huge McDonalds billboard on it? Think of that Office building in Cleveland that used to host that Huge LeBron James billboard. Oh, sorry, my Ohio is showing. Well this is the Logan Square version, but artful…and better.

and lets not forget our favorite little arts cottage on Milwaukee Ave. The Comfort Station will be hosting a mixed media show of work by Jason Brammer. These works give a feel of antiquity by merging painting with found junkyard objects in the way of gauges, vintage handles and other rescued…junk. Junk to art! How nostalgic.

Lastly (well, not like "lastly, these are the only shows" because theres bunches more. so many bunches. this is just "lastly, i shall bore you no more with my writing"). OK, LASTLY, for all you New Media and Techy geeks (myself included), New Media Artlab has put together Satellite. Have you noticed how our current culture is dependently intertwined in the invisible web of social media, instant messaging, wireless networking, incessantly blasting us with all kinds of new information and communication? My guess is, since you're reading this, you have a faint inkling. But if you just so happen to be slightly clueless to this wibbly-wobbly timey-whimy new fangled media (or if you're just plain intrigued, like me), Satellite will open your eyes. Featuring time-based works, performances, new media installations, Satellite will exits independently as well as amidst other MAAF exhibits, using social media. Think of it as the curators put it, a "Meta-Exhibition"

still enthralled? here's a preview video of what to expect at the festival, designed by Brett Swinney and Tracy Kostenbader

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival 2011 Gallery Preview from Logan Square on Vimeo.

and don't forget, we're #1!

-Tanner Young


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