Come Transmit/Transmute at the Comfort Station this July!

Starting tomorrow, July 2nd at 7PM, the public is invited to interact with Adrian Moens' installation and multimedia exhibit “transmit/transmute” which weaves together a combination of sound, sculpture, video, writing and painting. Come to the Comfort Station to view and (possibly decipher!) Moens' many different themes, such as rhythm and resonance, loss and removal, and empathy and revulsion.

The concept behind Moens’ exhibit stems from when he was a guru developing what is described as his own mythology “based on the human relationship between the human jaw and resonant throat-space and the rhythms of the body and the brain.”  So come see the Comfort Station like you’ve never seen it before-  a  performance space accompanied by sacred electronic music!  Adjacent to the installation are various other pieces carrying Moens’ motif of "transmit/transmute", for example, the MANTRAFESTOS series, where in one piece the artist chose to explore the figurative aspect of the word “indeed.”

Ultimately, if you are not sure what you are in for, maybe the installation’s mysticism is supposed to lure you in.  If you are wondering what this exhibit is all about, come out to Comfort Station and decide for yourself! And if you cannot make it this Saturday, have no fear, the exhibit will go on every Saturday and Sunday until July 22nd.   Besides, Comfort Station’s history alone is worth the visit. In the heart of Logan Square, this centennial structure used to be a resting spot for travelers. And now? A renovated arts hub still attracting a nomadic crowd of young people seeking to create and explore!

Cost: Free!
For more info: 

--Julia Pagnamenta


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