Friends of Transit=New Gallery KICKOFF

Oh hello. Don't mind the mess, we're just getting everything set up in our BRAND NEW GALLERY SPACE. Have we mentioned? no? Then why don't you 'Like' us on Facebook, we like you! What's that? It's not us, it's you? you need space? ok, look!

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ok, now that we've made up, lets talk about THE FUTURE! our future. no...we don't need to have 'a talk' again, lemme talk. To kick off this year's Chicago Artists Month we've partnered up with our friends from Transit Residency with an amazing Printmaking show to match our amazingly beautiful new space. Friends of Transit is a printmaking exhibit featuring works of both local and out-of-town printmakers, including artists from Moongirl Productions, Monkey-Rope Press, Judge works and Slow Industries, to name a few.

The show, fittingly themed around the idea of transience, is Transit's second year participating in Chicago Artist month. The IALS minions were sent forth by our hallowed Gallery Gods to discover more about Transit and relay it to you. Luckily, founder/director Meredith Winer took pity on us and was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Transit's residency program and the upcoming show.
©W. Tanner Young

oh yeah, Transit doesn't actually HAVE a physical work space. Transit relies on Winer's extensive network of art organizations around the country. oooooh yes, the name "Transit" is starting to make a little more sense. It's not just a cool name. if she wanted that, she could have named it "xTreme Art," or something...right? Anyway, after extensive research, Winer found there was a need for the niche of an "urban residency" program in Chicago, and decided to fill the void and pool all her resources in and outside of Chicago.

And as for the L to the O-G-AN Square? oh yes, well I suppose that's why you're here, fellow Logans and Loganettes. I know I know what you’re asking, “why are more bada-- arts organizations moving into Logan Square? When did this happen? Why us?” right? Well why not, duh. Ok, SPECIFICALLY speaking, what attracted Winer and her Transit transient ideas to the Square is a taste of childhood. Growing up in San Fransisco’s Mission district, the diversity of ethnicities and perspectives that Logan Square is quickly becoming known for felt like a little taste of home. Not believing in elitism in the art, Winer wants the diversity of an up and coming arts neighborhood, with a rich history of already established organizations and local artists.  And heck, setting up shop in a growing community, without a need for a physical gallery space sure makes it easy to mingle, without the overhead. *Ahem* *cough cough*, we DID mention how LOVELY our new space is, yeah? Yeah. GOOD!

©W. Tanner Young
This show, as mentioned before, is based on the idea of transience. I could tell you a little more about what I gathered from my little sneak peek, but you're probably tired of listening to me. or I don't want to explain it. no, both of those sound bad. OH! I know. I could tell you a little more about what I gathered, but Winer explained it so much more eloquently than I could. Yes, that. So WHY transience? Winer replies, "We decided to have a print invitational this year, instead of a show including all mediums, just to make it different from last year's [Chicago Artists Months] exhibition. I am personally obsessed with old travel posters and vintage postcards, but my assistant director/curator Marcela Andrade, and I agreed that a travel-theme or items relating to transit (the dictionary definition is pretty wide) or travel, was enough. I am really excited to see that our submissions are both quite varied and yet go together so nicely!"

And we're quite excited to have such a lovely show to kick off our lovely new space...kicking off Chicago Artists month. As far as the future of Transit? Well, Winer doesn't like to speculate so soon, but what artist doesn't deal in big plans? According to Winer, "Our aim is to be ready to offer a first call for entries -- even if it is limited to just a couple folks, to start -- by this coming summer. I would be honored if this proved to be repeatable in other cities, down the road. In five years, I hope we've got some relationships/partnerships outside the US as well as outside of Illinois. Maybe other folks are doing this sort of thing already and I'm just not yet aware of it; we'd love to partner with similar organizations."

oh and remember i mentioned Chicago Artists month earlier? well, I think we've 'talked' enough...more on than soon! hows that for "space?"

-Tanner Young


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