I Saw You @ Cole's Bar

I SAW YOU! I Saw You at Cole's Bar, Nov. 4. You were wearing a black band tee, with a flannel button up, i was wearing the same, with chucks. You were funny, i....was watching.

© W. Tanner Young 2011
WHAT! oh oh, right, no. really! I Saw You at Coles! Sound like a craigslist ad? Do you secretly read through the missed connections and giggle yourself to sleep? good! So does local comedy troupe Bruised Orange Theatre Company, and they decided to do an entire comedy show based on online personals! now you're intrigued. ACTUALLY, Bruised Orange has been doing their I Saw You show for 5 years now. well not, NOW, but on friday! Exactly 5 years ago on Nov. 4th was the first time they performed it, so why not have a big birthday bash at a big badass Logan Square bar, right??

In case you havent caught the show before, 3 performers rotate from the Bruised Orange lineup every Wednesday at Town Hall Pub, and yes, it is fresh and hilarious EVERY WEDNESDAY. Mark Spence, co-founder of BOTC curates the show, and scours craigslist, OK Cupid, Match.com, etc every week for the best and funniest online ads, for your voyeuristic, twisted amusement. When asked what started this whole show, Spence replied that 5 years ago, online dating was not nearly as commonplace as today. It was actually a bit taboo, and made for an awkwardly amusing show. Originally, the performers would write songs and SING the ads, these days the ads are divided in two parts (Missed Connections and Seeking ads), and read "in character." Most absurd, some absurdly pretentious, all the ads chosen are bizarrely hilarious and all too real, making the show a creative, amusing voyeuristic observation and comment on the human condition and city life in an online and perpetually connected era.
©W. Tanner Young 2011

So what makes the anniversary show different? well its....longer...and bigger, and BETTER! Instead of just 3 members of BOTC, this show will feature EVERY member thats ever performed I Saw You, including some members who are no longer part of the troupe! Oh, and i mean, its in Logan Square, and Cole's, WHICH IS SWEEEET. you know. OH! right, yes, did we mention local doll and coffee shop owner Susan Wingerter is part of the company? thats right! Logan Square's own New Wave Coffee's own(..?) will be performing at the show! I dont think she'll be making any lattes though...so dont ask!

oh, and if you actually put up online personals, you may not want to attend. It wouldnt be the first time an audience member has been featured during the show! wowza!

I Saw You 5-year Anniversary
Nov. 4 - 8pm (free)
Cole's Bar
2338 N. Milwaukee Ave

see you there!
-W. Tanner Young


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