New Years Eve and awkward kisses in the Square!

So much New Years, so little time. wait, that doesnt sound right. So much new year ahead, so little this one. Well, poetics aside, technically, I'm correct. So what are your plans to bring in 2012? I mean, aside from champagne(let's be honest, it's just generic sparkling wine) and an awkward kiss with that guy/girl-you-like-but-doesnt-like-you-back-but-feels-bad-for-you-and-it-IS-new-years-afterall sorta kiss. ! ....? oh, that was weird. BUT BESIDES THAT! what else? Well, if you're looking for something to do, or have a list you'd like to add to because you're a guy/gal about the town, Logan Square has a bunch to offer!

first and foremost, hurry hurry hurry to get a ticket from our official gallery series sponsors, Revolution Brewing (facebook link w00t w00t!)for their Party! a New Years Party, if you havent guessed. Or, NYE as facebook/the blagoshpere is referring to it. $95 gets you 4 hours of More Booze of Doom(this is what us blog-o-teers foreshadowing.) aka open bar of wine, liquor and your favorite Rev Brew...brew. OH! and their meat and veggie-friendly buffet. And if you don't want to party with people, nurse your New Year hangover with brunch from rev brew, as they'll be open for brunch, lunch and dinner on the 1st!

"But mysterious/faceless IALS blog writer, my NY needs to be ushered in with a little more latino/cubano spice!" you say? Heard! Lucky for your face, our lovely Industry Night Sponsors, Cafe Con Leche/D'Noche (facebook link what!)is hosting a party as well, and with 3 seatings to choose from! For you aforementioned guys/gals about the town, you can get a ticket from 7pm-9pm for a 3 course dinner, a cocktail, and you're also-aforementioned-bubbly. Then of course, you can go about the rest of your hundreds of Lgn Sq. parties, or whatever it is you social However, if you want to start 2012 cubano style, then get your 3rd seating ticket  for 10pm-3am and get said 3-course dinner, un-previously-said 3hr open bar, and pre-said bubbly at midnight! oh yes, dont forget to dance in the new year with the tunes provided by their live DJ! Also, dont forget that awkward-unrequited-love sorta kiss....LATINO STYYYYLLLEE!

"Faceless IALS blog slave! I'm only hungry for deliciously crafted holiday cocktails/fancy drinks my Grandad used to slip me at parties when mum wasnt looking!" Oi vey, what a whiney bunch of Logan Square-ian-ites you are. Lucky for you, Local Cocktail Lounge, The Whistler (facebook link huh!), is throwing a party where you can whine/un-whine all you like. YES! as they put it, $85 will get you "all the fancy cocktails your heart desires, gratuity, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and all-night dance jams pumped out by Dino Soccio of Only Children. [They'll] even make sure you’ve got a party hat and a glass of champagne to toast with at midnight…but you’re on your own for The Kiss" no, I'm not getting lazy on my writing, I just couldn't have said it better myself! also, I wrote it. no, thats a lie. But they did make me feel a little less weird about mentioning the awkward-kiss thing so much. I'M NOT ALONE! Well, until NYE, at least. Oh IALS blog writer, you're messing this up! Disregard that. LOOK! Spinny-disco-ball-thing!

"But tall-dark-mysterious/disturbingly-faceless IALS blog writer," you whine once again, "the only thing I'm hungry for on NYE is TO HAVE MY DANG SOCKS ROCKED CLEAN OFF ME!" Well keep your socks on, for everyones sake, please. HOWEVER! If you must know (you really must.) MBD is playing a new years eve party at Saki! (facebook link who!) for all you MBD fans, you know what i mean...or maybe you dont, it is just a 3 letter abbreviation, afterall. Most Brilliant Dummy. Man Beats Duck. Man Becomes Duck. More Booze of Doom(foreshadow...complete).....ok NO! Murder By Death. Thats right! Your favorite punkabilly/indiebilly/punkapunky/cellobilly rock band is playing an Epitonic Saki Session to Murder 2011, and bring in a new one! yeah, that was cheesy. BUT ALSO AWESOME. Seriously, I may ditch my own NYE house party to see this. and if youre not an MBD fan....well I suppose you can take my spot at my party. Just kidding, the show is at 4pm, WELL before my party time. You're uninvited to my party. Seriously though (can I ACTUALLY be serious?), if you owe your entire foundational understanding of punk/post-punk bands and online music sharing to Epitonic like I do, you can't miss this. Unless you don't live in Chicago. But since you're reading this, I'm calling your bluff on that lie!

well until next year, fellow blogosphere/Logan Square-ian-ites, farewell! Hope 2011 was fantastic! However, according to recent poles saying 76% of Americans regard 2011 as the worst year of their lives....well I REALLY hope 2011 was good for you! If you're looking to make 2012 even better, you can start by checking out our current show Snapshot: Inventing the Everyday, curated by our own Brooke Herbert Hayes and W. Tanner Young (yes, it is I, your mysterious and slightly terrifyingly faceless IALS blog slave, UNMASKED!)

Oh, and good luck on the NYE kiss thing, you weirdo. If it makes you feel any better, smashing your face to someone else's whilst hiding your nervous, clammy palms to bring in a new year probably looks REALLY WEIRD to aliens.

All the best,
-W. Tanner Young


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