Parish, Parish book release at Uncharted book!

Investigative reporting! Hurricane Katrina(!) Hand-bound...books...! Go-go gaget Uncharted Books party! Thats what us investigative blog-slaves call, "an intriguing opening." This can also substitute:

Mr. Bean and babies with candy aside, we're very excited about the book release/reading party this Saturday, March 10 at Uncharted Books. Which is what I've been trying to say....I think. Writer Brian Lewis-Jones will be celebrating the release of Parish, Parish, a book born out of "the culmination of heartache and backache," containing "stories of Katrina, presidential-candidate-volunteers, environmental desolation, philosophy, weird lovers and an even weirder town." Aside from the heartache and jazz, the book's other parent is a series of un-published newspaper articles Lewis-Jones wrote while on assignment in New Orleans as a reporter for a Lawrence, Kansas newspaper, three years after the events of Katrina. See, I'm not just making this stuff up! The book is being released via his new publishing endeavour, Groundsman Publishing, featuring hand-made/bound, limited edition runs, "spliced together only with ideas and thread," as he puts it.

Now if that's not enough to intrigue you...well then you have no soul. coincidentally, you probably also don't like Mr. Bean. WELL LETS SWEETEN THE DEAL A LITTLE BIT THEN. Also present for the book release/reading, aside from the limited number of handmade books (I did mention how limited and handmade they are, yes?), will be musical acts, Julie Marie Byrne and Jake Acosta. OH! I bet Brian will even write a personalized autograph-message, if you ask real nicely.

I think that about covers all the aforementioned intriguing info. If you'd like some more intrigue, try stealing candy from baby, yourself. OR! You could follow the latest new for Groundsman Publishing on their website. Next up is an illustrated book of short stories titled, The Scientist, The Scholar & The Alchemist by Justin Benzel.

Parish, Parish Book release/reading
Uncharted Books
Saturday, March 10

p.s - if you don't pick up a copy at the book release this Saturday, look for your copy at Quimby's and 826 CHI

p.p.s - If this doesn't tickle your literature fancy enough, try whacking your Literature funny bone at our next Industry Night at D'Noche, Tuesday, March 27, too!

p.p.p.s. - lolololololol

with heartache and headache,
-W. Tanner Young


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