Filter Photo Meet and Greet!

We all know what your Facebook news feed has been blowing up with this morning, but let's take a step back and focus on what your news feed SHOULD be blowing up with, Photographers: The REAL Painters of Light!

No? YES!

IALS Photo Industry Night, © Brooke Herbert Hayes
If you're a photographer in the Chicago area, then you definitely know about the annual Filter Photo Festival, but what you may not have heard is that the lovely folks at Filter have teamed up with "social hub"(according to the Reader) I Am Logan Square to bring the buzz to your local "best-overall-neighborhood," Logan Square! (Seriously, just google "Logan Square" and "reader". It's hours of good, clean family fun and giggles.) Now I know what you're thinking, "but mysterious IALS blog slave, aren't all you photographers a bunch of boring, scientific squares who talk about art, culture and calculating the best exposure, all in the same breath!?" Well, yes. But you've never seen that conversation after a few drinks. WILD.

But if that's not enough incentive for you to come, then I should mention that the event will be hosted in the lounge of the BRAND-NEW REOPENED LOGAN THEATRE LOUNGE! How's that for class? We're classy broads.

So if you met some sweet people at Filter last October, or would like to mingle with the people who were cool and went to Filter last October, or if you want to just mingle with other people in the photo biz, or if you really want to see that art/exposure convo after a few drinks, or if you REALLY just want me to stop with the "or's", you should come out this Thursday, April 12 from 6-9 for IALS/Filter Photo "Industry Night Squared." Industry Night Squared? This is why they keep me in the basement most of the time. Or maybe because of this:

Filter/IALS Meet and Greet
The Logan Theatre Lounge
2646 N. Milwaukee Ave
April 12

Party 'til you can get that last photo out of your head,
-W. Tanner Young


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