Chicago Craft Beer Week!

WEEEEEE! Just try to act like you're not that excited too. Then again, if celebrating Chicago's craft beer is usually only done in a week, my life is a bit...overkill. But then again, even the actual celebration extended a week to 11 days. May 17-27 with be the longest week of drinking you've had since that one time in college, at that frat house. It's ok, we all make mistakes. But SERIOUSLY! it's like christmas in july....except not july...and you know, more like the 12 days of christmas, except only 11. Check out CCBW's website for instruction on how to participate!

On the first day of Chicago Craft Beer Week, my local pub gave to meeeee.....28 REVOLUTION BREWING BEERS! (and yes, for your sake, i'm going to end that song right there.) Yes, naturally, your favorite Logan Square craft brewery is going to be partaking in the festivities. but get ready for the BIG NEWS! ....DUN DUN DUN!!!! Rev Brew's brand new Kedzie Brewery will be having its GRAND OPENING MAY 25TH, as part of beer week, of course. get your molotov cocktails and tear-gas goggles ready! No, really, you're going to need the tear goggles, because unfortunately, tickets have already sold out-in less than a week. What! but that doesnt mean you cant still drink to dang-ing the man else where! You can find Rev Brew's beers as featured specials for the week around the city at places like Francesca's Forno and Brixie's Bar and Grille. You can also get a more up to the date list here. And of course, you can always keep it real in the square at Rev Brew's original restuarant, where, as manager Morgan Marshall Says, "at the pub throughout the week you can expect awesome tap takeovers from Firestone-Walker and Perennial, and lots of tours and new releases!" I feel my heart pumping faster and my fist raising higher as we speak!

But wait, there's more!

On another day of Chicago Craft Beer Week Logan Square did give to meeeeeee....(ok, i lied about quitting the song...)THE HISTORY OF BREWWWING BEEEEER IN AAAMMEERICA AS TOLD-THROUGH-THE-PINBACK-BUUUUTTTTOOOOON!! oh man. Just try to hold that high note. Anyway, YES! Act like you dont have a soft spot in your heart for pinback buttons, carved out of awkward teenage years, really loud music, a need to define yourself as TOTALLY ORIGINAL WITH MY OBSCURE BUTTONS DUDE! And an unfounded rebellion towards your parents. coincidentally, sorry mom and dad! Seriously though, now you can take that love and mix it with a more grown up affinity...CRAFT BEER! Your cutest little beaver, Busy Beaver Button Company will be opening up the doors on May 23rd to their button museum, where you can get a private tour of everything from "Pre-Prohibition era buttons to Spuds MacKenzie buttons to modern day brewery buttons in the museum's extensive beer button archives." Check out the event on facebook here, and be sure to RSVP to the event at to enjoy pizza and beer from Piece Brewing Co., and bring your own beer as well!

Chicago Craft Beer Week
May 17-27

Holy moly! Did I make it through a whole post without calling myself a blog-slave? Am I'M FREE! I'M FR--oh. no. nevermind, I've just been celebrating Chi Beer Week a bit early.

See you there, remind me later!
-W. Tanner Young


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