Are you a Logan Square/Avondale-based Visual Artist?

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Dear Visual Artist(s),

While TRANSIT will once again be partnering with I Am Logan Square to hold a print invitational for Chicago Artists Month (Oct 1–27; opening reception Oct 4), we are also creating our first printed TRANSIT Map — a map of visual arts spaces, studios, and individual’s arts studios in the Logan Square/Avondale area.

In addition to being the director/founder of this neighborhood-based multi-disciplinary artist residency program, and a Logan Square resident, I have been on the Chicago Artists’ Month (CAM) advisory board for the last few years, and was involved with CAM previously as a visual artist. Based in part on what I heard from CAM organizers and independent artists, and from things discussed at various meetings for the Cultural Plan due to come this fall, we decided that TRANSIT could expand upon our annual print exhibition to do something that might be of specific benefit to our community members in the visual arts.

Recognizing CAM’s concerns for individual artists’ safety (the reason they do not allow lone artists to participate), TRANSIT continues to seek to find ways to offer artists in that category an opportunity for visibility: our map will have individual artists’ web addresses rather than street addresses, where individual artists reside and/or work. Studios and arts spaces with two or more visual artists may have the choice between their street address or a single web address as their listing.

TRANSIT met with the Logan Square Chamber of Arts to propose an exhibition of various works by artists who are on the TRANSIT Map; they agreed to curate and host this survey exhibition at the Hairpin Arts Center. We are excited to have just heard that it has been selected as one of the twelve featured programs for Chicago Artists Month this year!

We hope you will consider joining us in this project. If you are interested please fill out the submission form (PDF link at bottom of this post) and return it ASAP — 2012 EXTENDED DEADLINE! We are accepting submissions until we cannot anymore; get yours in ASAP. If you have any questions, you may contact me.

TRANSIT, founded in 2010, aims to partner with existing resources to enable artists — both those coming to Chicago, and those departing from Chicago — in the creation of new work. Our first Outbound program’s call for entries is scheduled for October 2012. For more information about us, you can “like” our Facebook page.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon,

Meredith R Winer
Transit Residency NFP


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