New Year, New Changes at Café Mustache

Café Mustache has done some revamping with their lineup of events and their menu. To start off, they have expanded their calendar of events to six days a week – Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, the café will close at 8pm. Café Mustache has events lined up such as live music gigs, DJ’s, and even a trivia night among others. In their efforts to provide a performance space and offer patrons a lively atmosphere, Wi-Fi will not be available after 8pm Monday through Saturday.

In addition, Café Mustache is increasing their selection of regional spirits and has changed up their menu to include food made with local ingredients. Check out their new menu and visit their website to attend an event.

I myself will be going by this week to get a taste of their vegetarian chili with avocado and their herbal tea, blood orange blend.



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