LSAF 2017 Pictures!!

Hey Logan Square!

Each year we pour our hearts into the Logan Square Arts Festival, and each year we see all the effort and support from artists, musicians, vendors, sponsors, and attendees manifest itself into an ever-growing, ever-changing, phenomenal 3-day cultural event, and 2017 was no different.

A quick thank you to everyone who made LSAF 2017 another great year:

METZ, Strand of Oaks, Air Credits, Tunde Olaniran, Chuck Inglish, Joan of Arc, Circuit Des Yeux,
Nick Mazzarella Quintet, Chicago Jamaican Jazz Ensemble, Present Elders, Yadda Yadda, Wild Jesus and the Devil's Lettuce, DJ John Simmons, Faraway Plants, Beats y Bateria, Yomi, Lane Beckstrom, Rich Jones, and The Intonation All-Stars 

 Art and Curation:
Comfort Station - P.O.W.E.R. Project
Camp/Us - Mural Board Project

Family Programming:
Play, Kozciuszko Park PAC, Unity Park PAC, Volta Performing Arts, and Aloft Circus Arts

Revolution Brewing, The Whistler, Lula Café, The Harding Tavern, Wintrust Bank, Chiro One, Dark Matter Coffee, The Owl, The Dill Pickle Co-op, Moped, NW Chiropractix, Kavita Kombucha, RP Fox, Chicago Diner, Meyvn, Uncharted books, Pinot's Pallette, Second Shift,
 Moonlight Vulture, Camp/Us, Tastee Freeze, Play, 

Logan Square really comes through :)


  1. Você escreve e pensa imitante comigo. Eu sabor muito de falar o que penso e também ajudar alguém se eu souber muito do asunto.


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